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Solar Cooking

Solar Cooking Logo Cook with Just the Sun!

Several years ago, a couple of our SLO Sun Cooker demonstrators began learning how to use just the sun as the power source for cooking food for their family. One of them had been working in Africa. She came across a village using the sun to cook the evening meal for several families. "We can do the same in California." Fuel would saved, be it gas or electric. In Kenya, the villagers needed to save the trees, as few people in that area used electricity or gas as a fuel for cooking.

After experimenting and using a solar oven at home, we began teaching free classes in Solar Cooking in San Luis Obispo County.

There are many types of solar cookers. The internet abounds with plans to make your own oven, recipes tested by solar cooks, and ready-made solar cookers that can be purchased. You can use any recipe you like and cook bread, cakes, roast meat, cook vegetables and almost any foods. If the cooking box is insulated it has an additional benefit, the food stays warm long after the sun goes down.

The following video is the combination a slide show and two short movie clips. It gives some basic information on solar cooking. Our local group of demonstrators have found the video helpful in explaining the solar cooking process. When we teach in a class situation, the audio visual presentation is narrated by solar demonstrators based on their own experience.

The still images in the presentation need to be read while being viewed. By pausing the presentation, one can take more time on an image. Please note only small sections of the program include sound.

If you are having trouble attending our teaching program in person, it is included below and loads a bit slowly. There is a version of our slide/video prestentation is posted below and also on You Tube under SLO Solar Cooking. Two video sections with sound are included in our slide program. The slides change slowly so beginning readers can read the words. We have found children love cooking with just the sun.


The SLO solar cooking demonstration team members teach this local class on a no cost basis,
you can see an sample class flyer of a previously held class below. It has our local contact e-mail for future class information or requests:

The following flyer gives a bit more information about how Solar Cooking
saves trees and their importance.

Solar Handout-1   

Following are som articles about some of our local SLO Solar Cooks and our ovens.

Here Comes the Sun Summer 2015





To see some homemade ovens that we have used, go to the following sites.
We suggest you get used to cooking in a commercially-made solar oven:

Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light
Typical Solar Cooking Video
Iridimi Folding Solar Cooker
Department of Energy - Making a Solar Oven


If you need a simple solar refrigerator they can be easily constructed. Check:

DIY Solar Fridge

For news, information and prices of Solar Cooking go to

Solar Cooker Review

It is a quarterly publication.

Contact the SLO Solar Cooking Demonstration team at:
P.O. Box 945
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406


Questions the team is often asked:

  • How much longer does cooking with just the sun take?
  • What foods do not cook well in a solar oven?
  • What elements contribute to successful solar cooking?
  • What comparisons do you see between solar and conventional cooking?
  • What are the quality-of-cooking factors have you noticed between the two methods?
  • How are you actually impacting the world and climate change by solar cooking?

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