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Davies is available as a speaker. For more information contact:

Phyllis Davies
P.O. Box 945
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Questions Davies is often asked:

Am I going crazy? Am I experiencing dementia or Alzheimer's? I can't remember anything.
What can I do to help a friend who is grieving?
How important is it to go to a funeral or memorial service?
What is the best thing to say to someone who has experienced a tragic loss?
Why is anger a normal part of grief for many people?
How long does grief last?
How can I make this holiday easier for myself, or family or friends who are grieving?
Why are support groups important for those who have had a loved one die?
How can I find grief support groups in this area?
Where are there checklists of what to do and how to find available help?
How is it possible to use goal-setting to help me through my grief?
Can you help me understand some of the ways that . . .
    . . .grief affects a marriage?
    . . .grief affects siblings?
    . . .grief affects a family?
    . . .grief affects one's self image?
    . . .grief affects one's faith?
In what ways can I assist children who are coping with a death or serious illness of a family member?

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