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An unconventional Memorial Service example


This is a video of a family-designed memorial service. It was done without the help of a minister, rabbi or cleric. The family's pastor had been transferred and the new one had not arrived, so no religious official who had served their family and no facility were automatically available to help them. Knowing it might be a well attended service, they rented the use of the largest church building in the community and designed the service themselves, using the elements that seemed most natural to them. They asked people important to their 13-year-old son to speak about their personal expereinces with Derek. This created a unique service. The nightly local news reported that over 700 people attended. Chairs and speakers in the parking lot accommodated the overflow crowd. The memorial card given upon arrival at the service included the words to the songs; this enabled all in attendance to participate in the service. See card on pp 256-257 in
GRIEF: Climb Toward Understanding

derek card

A reception was held, and the TV evening news mentioned that over 350 guests were welcomed and fed lunch at the Davies farm with the help of many community members.

Derek's Memorial Service from Phyllis Davies on Vimeo.

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