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However, you may use the following form to send a message to Phyllis Davies by FAX 805.544.6889 or you may email the information directly to Phyllis at

Please remind her where you met her and/or tell her a bit about yourself, and give your email address, postal address and phone contact with your name.

If you wish to order a copy of her book(s), she is happy to personalize copies if she is available (when she is overseas personalized copies will not be available). Be sure to include the name of the person(s), including siblings or other family members (if you wish), who will be receiving the book. Give her the name and relationship of the deceased (if you wish the book to be in memory of a loved one). She also often autographs copies of her book(s) in various ways. The following may give you some ideas that will spark your own creativity.

Phyllis will sign the book with the inscription you wish above her autograph.


       Phyllis Davies

Thank you, _________,
for the help you have given our family and other families through your (Hospice work, nursing, ministry, etc.), From ____________ (and/or the family of __________).


This book comes, ___________,
with supportive thoughts for you (or you the _______) family.


This book comes, ___________,
in loving memory of (your daughter, mother, son or other relationship, even the name of a beloved animal), ________ from _________your name (and the name of anyone else from whom you would like the book sent).

Just fill the appropriate text boxes. The "Submit Message" button below is not working, please FAX, snail mail this information or email it it to

Your e-mail address:

Dedication message:


Personal letters may also be sent by regular mail to Phyllis at the following address.
They will be forwarded to her promptly.
Phyllis Davies
Sunnybank Publishers
P.O. Box 945
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406
Cell: 805.440.9346     FAX 805.544.6889

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