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Phyllis Davies, an international activist, business
woman, farm wife, mother, poet, and speaker.
She  is a frequent television and radio talk
show guest.

GRIEF: Climb Toward Understanding is a compelling and healing story of turning grief into growth as the author learned to live again after the death of two sons.

When Someone Dies: What You Can Do
When Someone Is Seriously Ill: What You Can Do are also titles from her pen.

Davies' books have been the top-selling titles at many psychology and counseling conferences. They are recommended by Hospice and hospital chaplains and by the Centre for Living with Dying, and are used at the National Death and Bereavement Library and by Critical Incident Stress Debriefing team members in the U.S., Canada and many other countries. These self-help books are beautiful, appropriate gifts of compassion at the time of illness, loss of a loved one, or during other difficult life challenges.

Her writing career began after her thirteen-year-old son Derek was killed in a fiery commercial mid-air collision. Dylan, their first son, died shortly after birth, fourteen years before Derek's death. Due to her learning disabilities, her writings were intended only for her private — and possibly her family's — use and not originally for publication. Yet, as she slowly came to grips with these tragedies, Phyllis resolved to use her experience to help others struggling with the death of loved ones and other life crisis. She shared her private journal with an ill and depressed stranger. That woman's physician encouraged the publication of the note book as GRIEF: Climb Toward Understanding. In addition to the healing story, the book has a personal survival guide with tools to help individuals, strengthen a family, and bring order into a very stress-filled time.

This crisp, insightful and powerful story portrays a journey toward peace and new meaning. Her comforting and encouraging writing allows readers to gently move with and through their own struggle toward a new focus, refinding meaning and purpose in life. It also provides a resource guide she developed for her own extended family as they subsequently worked their way through a wide range of illness and death experiences. Included is a practical day-by-day checklist and hundreds of pro-active choices of what can be — or may need to be — done upon or prior to a death.

Much of Phyllis's time has been devoted to leading discussions and workshops for health care professionals, The Compassionate Friends, Bereaved Parents of America, Hospice and other support organizations, or meeting with families and individuals as she travels. She frequently assists bereaved family, community and school staff members as they begin to cope with a traumatic event, as she did, after TWA flight 800 and other tragedies.

Phyllis is a 1966 California Polytechnic State University graduate in agriculture. She has been the university's Honored Alumnus. She is a frequent speaker on her lifetime interest in ways of solving hunger, energy, environmental and health problems with sustainable methods. This fascination was galvanized by the death of her own sons. She has led international study tours into remote areas of many two-thirds world countries. She uses and also teaches classes in how cook for a family by using only the sun as the energy source. Phyllis has worked in over 60 countries. She attended the United Nations Summit Forum in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 where she participated on the negotiating teams for the Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture Treaties.Phyllis has worked on projects with five of the recent Nobel Peace Prize recipients.

Her daughter Dawna says, "My mother has her ear to the heartbeat of the world."

A broad range of experience contributes to her perspective, which includes 40 years as a property management specialist as well as a teacher. She taught in the Watts area of Los Angeles shortly after the 1965 Watts Riots. Her deep interest in agriculture led her to produce and direct a televised movie on the industry. She and her husband Bill Davies currently live near the California coast in the Los Osos Valley, where she enjoys being a grandmother, teaching solar cooking, motorcycling, working cattle and horses as well as gardening when she is not on tour. She often combines book tours with Bill's interest in solo hiking. Phyllis does trail support, cooking and resuplying Bill and other hikers who have given her the name of "Trail Mom." Since 2001, Bill has hiked over 7,000 miles in the U.S. and other countries.Their daughter Dawna and grandson recently purchased the family farm. Bill and Phyllis have downsized from the main house into a cottage on the farm.

This photo of Bill, Phyllis and Dawna was taken shortly after Derek's death when Dawna returned home from college. She took over the family real estate busines taking it to new heights with her insightful energy.

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