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Chaca came into our lives as a rescue pet for our grandson Trevyn but Chocolate Chip soon decided her main job was
to stay with and take care of grandma.


At first she didn't understand the rules at her new home but she was a quick learner.

Chaca's domaine is the Davies Farm on the south side of Davenport Creek and her role is to protect anything that is supposed to be on her farm. She makes sure the gophers and squirrels know they are not welcome guests as well as deer, skunks, coyotes, fox and opossums that come by as visitors know they must be invited by one of the Davies or stay at bay until a proper welcoming has taken place.





Phyllis Davies
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San Luis Obispo, CA 93406
Phone: 805-440-9346

Questions Davies is often asked:

  • Why set goals?
  • How can I make setting goals easy and fun?
  • What elements contribute to successful, self-motivating goals?
  • How are your goals actually helping you impact the world and climate change?
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