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Author's International Work

Gems of hope and help are available to individuals and families who are struggling with grief. Among them are Phyllis Davies' encouraging books which provide personal survival guides and tools to strengthen a family and bring order in stress-filled, difficult times of adjustment and change. Many experiences can cause grief. Davies' resources are helpful in bringing solace not only upon the death of a child, other loved one or pet, but also in divorce, serious illness or injury, even loss of a job and hope. Explore this site for resources, help and encouragement.


"Exceptionally practical and inspiring."
                    - Debbie Ketchum, Director, Centre for Living with Dying

"GRIEF: Climb Toward Understanding's story goes to one's heart and helps the healing.
The practical checklists give "to do's,"consoling words, and confirmation to help discover that peace and purpose are possible again. This beautiful book also gives hundreds of practical ideas to help you find the right words or action when you don't know how to help yourself or others.
                    - Marianne Williamson, author The Healing of America

Frequently Asked Questions About Grief - Reassuring resource for those who are grieving. Source for talk show interview questions. Individuals discover their own questions are ones commonly asked by others who are struggling to cope with the death of loved ones or pets, with illness, divorce, or major life changes.

What Happened? - In an interview, the author tells how this book that was never intended to be a book, but became a well-loved resource for many individuals and families.

Funeral Home Expenses Your Family Can Afford - An invaluable checklist-style worksheet that covers most aspects of after-care costs and considerations.

Insights on Grief - Thoughtful observations and realizations; a place to begin your journey through grief.

A Letter To My Loved Ones - This letter was written by Jeannette to comfort her family and friends upon her death. We invite you to share her deeply moving message of wisdom. You may find it comforting for your own situation and might use it as an example in developing a similar letter to leave for your loved ones. Phyllis has recently added a second letter sample to the page.

About the Author - A brief introduction to Phyllis Davies.

Books - See her other self-help books filled with guidelines, resources and support. See what specialists and readers have to say about Phyllis's books and learn about her international work.

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